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Gen Z is loving meme accounts, “soothing” videos, and relatable content on YouTube.

Jun 24 2022

Gen Z is loving meme accounts, “soothing” videos, and relatable content on YouTube. YPulse research shows that Gen Z is spending more time on social media watching short-form videos and our hobbies and passions behavioral report data shows 54% of Gen Z is watching YouTube in their free time, making it their second favorite hobby. According to the platform, “65% of Gen Z respondents prefer discussing content that is relevant to their personal interests rather than engaging in ubiquitous ‘watercooler’ conversations.” YouTube’s Culture and Trends Blog also reports 63% of Gen Z follows meme accounts and 83% enjoy watching relaxing videos like ASMR or meditation aids. The platform is also prioritizing their “multiformat creators” making sure they’ll be featured in their VidCon events, highlighting the fact that Gen Z is interested in relatable content and like creators who use “single channel to incorporate long-form, short-form, and live content.” (Tubefilter)