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BeautyFluent is a new app that wants to turn sales associates into influencers.

Jun 27 2022

BeautyFluent is a new app that wants to turn sales associates into influencers. YPulse has reported that more and more brands are tapping their young employees to be brand ambassadors, and Landing International is creating their new app to provide brands with the tools to train employees on product usage instead of sending representatives onsite–making beauty store associates influencers in their own right. The app is aiming to work with indie beauty brands to help “make the most of their store footprints.” According to Landing International, brands are quick to spend around $10K for a micro-influencer to make just one post, yet are reluctant to spend on “beauty advisors who are dealing with their customers every single day and really are their brand ambassadors at the point of sale.” The app intends to educate employees beyond product details and will allow employees to “earn points for completing training and quizzes on products,” which can later be redeemed for free beauty products. Associates will also be able to rate and write reviews on products, which is a huge factor for Gen Z and Millennials when deciding what to buy. (Glossy)