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Scrub Daddy’s “self-aware” TikTok videos are continuing their appeal to Gen Z humor.

Jun 23 2022

Scrub Daddy’s “self-aware” TikTok videos are continuing their appeal to Gen Z humor. Scrub Daddy is one of several brands that have turned their mascot into an internet celebrity with their giant smiley-sponge starring in much of their TikTok content. The cleaning brand has amassed over 1.8 million followers on the app and their content adheres to the gen’s “almost absurdist sense of humor” with content that makes fun of the fact they’re making ads. According to one of the brand’s social media managers, “Gen Z is very aware of ads; they’re really savvy when it comes to ‘I’m being advertised to, and I don’t like that’…We know that you know that we’re advertising a product, and we’re going to throw it in your face.” YPulse’s Social and Mobile Marketing report found that nearly half of 13-20-year-olds are open to seeing advertising on TikTok, while the majority of Gen Z who use social media say they don’t mind ads as long as they’re entertaining. (AdAge)