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Kami is the metaverse’s first digital influencer with Down Syndrome.

Jun 21 2022

Kami is the metaverse’s first digital influencer with Down Syndrome. Short for Kamilah, Kami was designed by Down Syndrome International, Forsman & Bodenfors’ creative agency, and The Diigitals virtual modeling agency in collaboration with a council of 100+ young women volunteers with Down syndrome. Kami embodies a combination of gestures, expressions, and personality quirks from real Gen Z and Millennials with Down Syndrome, and one of the volunteers said, “If I saw more people with Down syndrome, it would make us confident in ourselves.” Kami was created as a response to the internet’s norm for unrealistic ideas of perfection and “the lack of high-profile people with disabilities.” YPulse is exploring how virtual influencers are fitting into social media and working with brands and our Metaverse trend report shows that nearly a quarter of 13-39-year-olds have followed a virtual person on social media. (Newsweek)