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Countries all over the globe are creating “digital nomad” visas to attract remote workers.

Jun 21 2022

Countries all over the globe are creating “digital nomad” visas to attract remote workers. As companies like Airbnb are developing more “work from anywhere models,” sandy and serene tourist destinations are creating ways to appeal to traveling workers. Bali is the latest to offer a “digital nomad visa” that will last up to five years, longer than any of the 33 other countries offering similar visas, and will not tax income received overseas. “The Asian Development Bank estimated that 9 million people were unemployed as a result of the pandemic, in part due to job losses in hospitality and tourism” and they hope to reverse these losses by allowing digital nomads to stay longer without the risk of penalty and facilitate more local spending. Indonesia’s tourist numbers have skyrocketed and they’re taking advantage of the trend in Gen Z and Millennials preferring remote work. YPulse’s Employment & Career Goals report data shows 64% of young people say having flexible work hours / the ability to work from anywhere is important to them in their careers. (Fortune)