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Bubble skin care is reaching Gen Z through a massive launch in Walmart stores.

Jun 17 2022

Bubble skin care is reaching Gen Z through a massive launch in Walmart stores. YPulse’s Mass Merch Mentality trend research shows that 58% of Gen Z shops at Walmart and Bubble is the first DTC brand to launch exclusively at the big box retailer. After conducting research, the brand decided to feature their products there because they “saw that over 40% of Gen Z consumers go to Walmart three to four times a month and that 20% of personal care products purchased in the U.S. are bought at Walmart.” Overall, they aim to be extremely accessible to young people considering most may not have a driver’s license or credit card yet. According to Bubble, the brand was created for a teen consumer base and teens were involved in each step of their product development, from the packaging down to the ingredients. Bubble’s website features a page called Skin School where young consumers can reach out to the company’s dermatologist and express their skin concerns as well as educate themselves on all things skin care. (Forbes)