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Stores are making mannequins more diverse and inclusive.

Jun 14 2022

Stores are making mannequins more diverse and inclusive. YPulse research found that young customers want to see more diverse models and those of different body sizes in ads—and some brands are taking things a step further by making in-store mannequins more diverse and inclusive. Typically, mannequins inside stores have been White, tall, and “impossibly thin with elongated necks and spindly limbs” to look like traditional supermodels. But certain brands are changing things up: Savage x Fenty, which is a top intimate brand for BIPOC young consumers, has been filling its retail stores with “proprietary mannequins made to reflect a vast array of body types,” while Target, Nike, Old Navy, and Nordstrom all have attempted to showcase more diverse and size-inclusive mannequins. Meanwhile, Disney has opted for a full range of mannequins with facial features and skin tones reflecting Black, Latinx, and Asian customers. While the cost of customized mannequins is higher, manufacturers like Greneker are working to make ready-made diverse and inclusive mannequins. (Glossy)