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Google saw its largest growth of Black and Latinx employees in the last year.

Jun 14 2022

Google saw its largest growth of Black and Latinx employees in the last year. YPulse’s new Employer Brand Index found that Google is one of the top companies that Gen Z and Millennials want to work for. And according to the tech company’s 2022 Diversity Annual Report, it hired more Black and Latinx employees over the last year in the U.S.—which grew by 20% and 8%, respectively. According to Google’s chief diversity officer: “Overall, Black+ attrition in the U.S. was comparable to Google-wide attrition levels for the first time ever. We are also seeing progress in the improved attrition for many of our intersectional communities, including Black+ women.” However, these demographics are still underrepresented compared to White and male employees in the U.S. meaning that only 5.3% of Google workers are Black—up from 4.4% in its 2021 report. Latinx employees also increased from 6.4% in from last year to 6.9% in the present. Meanwhile, Google still has a “long way to go” for improving female representation in the U.S. In 2022, men accounted for 67.8% of the workforce compared to only 33.5% of women. (Android Central)