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Salesforce is launching a program, to help brands managing their own NFT campaigns.

Jun 10 2022

Salesforce is launching a program, to help brands managing their own NFT campaigns. YPulse’s Buying into Crypto & NFTs Trend Report data shows 38% of Gen Z and Millennials say they are interested in NFTs and despite recent troubles in the space, many brands are continuing to forge ahead with NFT efforts. Brands across all industries, from Adidas to Taco Bell, have gotten into NFTs already by launching their own projects, and big-name celebrities and influencers have been vocal about their involvement in the space. And now Salesforce’s program is hoping to get more brands to “mint, manage and sell NFTs directly on the Salesforce Customer 360 Platform and securely connect customer data to gain a 360° view across a customer’s physical and digital worlds.” To help brands get into NFTs “with a values-led approach,” sustainability is a major focus, supporting the Crypto Climate Accord by providing brands with “more sustainable blockchain options, automating carbon emission calculations and letting brands offset emissions by purchasing carbon credits.” They’re also highlighting the importance of trust and security by writing smart contracts for clients, eliminating the need to code. The company has also audited those contracts, which means they “can help reduce fraud and avoid some of the challenges associated with smart contracts,” and working with third-party partners to ensure the protection of client crypto wallets. (The Drum)