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Young consumers are checking the Reddit forum “r/swatchitforme” before buying makeup online.

May 27 2022

Young consumers are checking the Reddit forum “r/swatchitforme” before buying makeup online.Redditors are once again banding together to solve a niche problem, this time helping each other through the universal beauty hiccup of trying to buy makeup online without knowing what it’ll look like in real life. Currently, about 25,000 Redditors have participated in the thread, where they post photos of makeup used (“swatched”) on their own skin so others with the same skintones can see how they really look. Redditors who are part of the thread follow strict transparency guidelines for posting swatch photos, making sure to distinguish skin tone, undertone, amount of lighting, and whether or not a primer was used; all to ensure an authentic sense of honesty. As one user puts it, “Marketing teams go through brand’s reviews, we know this. So with Reddit, you know that it’s authentic.” YPulse’s Personal Care and Beauty Shopping Report data shows 31% of Gen Z females are more likely to buy products that beauty/personal care blogs have mentioned favorably. (Refinery29)