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Gen Z-founded magazine Our Era is focusing on “fashion, politics, music, social justice, mental health, and identity.”

May 27 2022

Gen Z-founded magazine Our Era isfocusing on “fashion, politics, music, social justice, mental health, and identity.”Two years ago, 15-year-old Lucy Ivey created a magazine for Gen Z to showcase their talents. Before founding Our Era, Ivey founded the non-profit and podcast Teens Speak Up, giving teens a space to talk about the issues that matter to them. From there, she wanted to start a publication where the creative people she had met and others could “gain valuable experience in writing, editing, photography, and artistic collaboration.” Now 18, Ivey has mastered running the mag and features big stars / brands like indie musician Claud and Steve Madden. Their upcoming feature centers around four Instagram influencers who will be discussing intentionality and mental health online. The contributors feel it’s their duty to cater to Gen Z and provide them the resources they need to survive and be “uplifted” in the digital world. (Seventeen)