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U.K.-based shoe brand Clarks is making a play for the metaverse.

May 25 2022

U.K.-based shoe brand Clarks is making a play for the metaverse. In an aim to revitalize the brand, Clarks has teamed up with Gen Z athletes and gamers for its Roblox game experience, Clarks Stadium. The stadium was co-designed with Gen Z fans to replicate an Olympic stadium, which houses various games that users can play for prizes. The metaverse experience also coincides with the relaunch of Clarks’ popular Cica shoe, which was also co-designed by three young athletes and micro-influencers: breakdancer B-Girl Terra, parkour champion and stuntman Robbie Griffith, and BMX rider Connor Stitt. YPulse has been saying that the future of marketing is inside video games for a while now, but as the metaverse continues to boom, it’s even more imperative that brands get involved in young consumers’ digital spaces. In fact, our WE Metaverse trend report found that the majority of young Europeans are already in the metaverse, and they’re interested in brands interacting with them in these digital spaces—and creating unique experiences is one of the top ways they can do this. (Glossy)