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“Formula influencers” are stepping up to help Millennial parents during the shortage.

May 19 2022

“Formula influencers” are stepping up to help Millennial parents during the shortage. The baby formula shortage in the U.S. has left Millennial parents scrambling to find supplies for their little one’s basic needs. With little to no help from the government, many are turning to the internet for advice. Cue “formula feeding influencers,” who have thousands of followers on Instagram and TikTok, and have been trying to help struggling parents around the country. Mallory Whitmore (@theformulamom) has been shipping formula to those in need directly from her home, Allie Seckel (@theformulafairy) created a Facebook group to share resources on how to find formula, which formula brands or types can be substituted for another, safety tips on accepting donations from other parents, and warnings against misinformation on homemade formula recipes, and Erin Moore ( is also creating similar resources on her own social accounts. While the influencers advise parents to talk to their doctor and healthcare professionals for advice, they recognize that parents are desperate for support from other parents. Moore said: “Mothers are supporting mothers. It’s actually really, really amazing. I would rather that they didn’t have to do that. I’d rather they be able to go to the store and get the formula. But it’s been a pretty amazing thing to see how much people are stepping up for each other.” (BuzzFeed News)