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As Gen Z navigates their financial futures, “cash stuffing” is trending.

May 18 2022

As Gen Z navigates their financial futures, “cash stuffing” is trending. The generation has been thrown major obstacles as they enter adulthood, with student loan debt and uncertain job prospects, and they’re looking for ways to stay in control of their money as costs rise. Enter: Cash stuffing. The old tactic is being revived by young people, who are paying for everything with cash that they set aside for specific purposes each month. While methods vary, there are two main ways that appeal to most. The first screams Type A and #virgoenergy: cash is meticulously placed in a binder with an array of envelopes labeled by spending category. The second is for those who are a little more carefree or unorganized: cash can be stuffed in a place it will be forgotten, like under a mattress or couch. Either way, the idea is the same, to save cash and be mindful of where it’s going. Of course, TikTok is helping to repopularize the trend, and #cashstuffing has over 390 million views on the app. (GoBankingRatesCNBC)