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New dads are feeling “left out” of the early days of parenting. 

May 05 2022

New dads are feeling “left out” of the early days of parenting. A study commissioned by Aptamil Advanced Follow On Milk, which surveyed parents in the U.K. who have kids ages 6 months to five years old, found that 69% of Millennial dads only feel like they become a “true” parent after sharing feeding responsibilities with mom. Seven in 10 feel a sense of relief when they are able to help and support their partner in a “hands-on way,” while 66% of dads want to feel “more involved and responsible” in the early days. The study also found that 76% of dads get excited at the prospect of venturing out with their little ones solo, with 70% looking forward to alone time with them. Meanwhile, 83% of fathers said feeding their baby is their favorite part of the day, with 76% admitting that it gives them a sense of accomplishment, while 62% of mothers are grateful to share night feed responsibility with dad. (Newsweek)