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Gen Z is driving the circular economy. 

Apr 27 2022

Gen Z is driving the circular economy. eBay recently released its second annual Recommerce Report, and 80% of Gen Z survey respondents say they have bought secondhand items in the past year, and 32% of new sellers on the platform are Gen Z, followed by Millennials. One of the driving factors of recommerce for buyers and sellers is sustainability, and secondhand vintage clothing and technology aren’t the only things people are eyeing. Collectibles like trading cards, toys, and sports memorabilia are one of the top categories on eBay, with trading cards experiencing immense growth. YPulse’s sustainability research shows young consumers are taking the environment into serious consideration when deciding which products to buy, while secondhand clothing / accessories are the most common eco-friendly product they’ve purchased. As the secondhand goods industry grows, eBay notes it’s working toward more environmentally-friendly practices (on top of already being carbon-neutral) by sourcing 100% of electricity supply from renewable energy sources by 2025 and reducing 90% of carbon emissions from its operations by 2030. (Forbes)