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“Pachinko” showrunner Soo Hugh is launching an incubator program for Asian Pacific stories.

Apr 26 2022

Pachinko showrunner Soo Hugh is launching an incubator program for Asian Pacific stories. TV writer and producer Soo Hugh, whose recent project includes Apple TV+’s Pachinko based on Min Jin Lee’s bestselling novel, is working with UCP (a division of Universal Studios Group) to introduce a new story incubator. The Thousand Miles Project will help develop creators who want to tell stories “about the Asian Pacific diaspora.” The program will kick off with a two-day virtual workshop in June that will teach up to 20 participants the fundamentals of TV writing and the business through a series of panels and lectures from professionals in the industry including writers, executives, managers, and agents. Following the workshops, attendees will be encouraged to submit TV show concepts. Three of them will be selected for a paid 24-week lab to develop a pilot script and have the opportunity to receive guidance and mentorship from Hugh and her team as well as general meetings with reps and producers. YPulse told you about the programs supporting BIPOC artists and creators, and this incubator program is the latest one attempting to reach aspiring showrunners and screenwriters in the AAPI community. (THR)