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More Black entrepreneurs are creating businesses to help save the environment.

Apr 26 2022

More Black entrepreneurs are creating businesses to help save the environment. More than one billion people around the world celebrated Earth Day last Friday, but a growing number of Black business owners are working to save the environment year-round. According to longtime environmentalist Ibrahim Abdul-Matin, while environmental advocates have “long been White and wealthy,” he has seen “a shift,” with more Black entrepreneurs creating businesses that focus on products that preserve the planet. For example, Darrel Jobe’s Vericool produces environmentally safe packaging products, while Tanjuria Willis started the consignment shop eKlozet and launched Atlanta Sustainable Fashion Week, which features models in clothing and accessories that are “produced in a socially responsible manner or promotes a circular economy, thereby extending the life cycle of the garment and keeping them out of the landfill.” Willis also hosted two panels as part of the event, including “How My Fast Fashion Choices Affect The World,” and “Are My Clothes Killing Me?” YPulse’s sustainability research found that nearly one-third of BIPOC young consumers have changed the way they shop because of climate change—and these Black-owned businesses are just two attempting to make a difference. (NBC News)