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Meanwhile, “scrunchy moms” are taking over TikTok.

Apr 21 2022

Meanwhile, “scrunchy moms” are taking over TikTok. We recently told you about “crunchy moms” going viral on the app. The term is often associated with parents who are “dedicated to organic, holistic, all-natural everything for their kids.” Now, the next big parenting trend on the platform goes to “scrunchy moms,” which is a combination of “crunchy” and “silky” parenting. According to a childhood education expert Donna Whittaker, silky parents are considered modern parents who “embrace modern conveniences in raising their children and do not feel guilty for their choices,” like choosing whether to breastfeed or bottle feed their baby. Whittaker says that when it comes to scrunchy parenting, raising children is about “balance and gray areas.” While they do make healthy, organic choices for their kids and the planet, they also embrace modernity and convenience when needed. For example, a scrunchy parent may pick out vegetables from their backyard garden for dinner one day, and get takeout another when it’s a busy and hectic day. The hashtag #scrunchymoms currently has 1.8 million views, and features moms talking about everything from their parenting decisions to what they’re feeding their kids. (Yahoo! News)