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Baby naming services are a thing now. 

Apr 21 2022

Baby naming services are a thing now. Coming up with a child’s name is an important decision that Millennial parents have to make—and professional baby namers are there to help them out. Last year, Taylor A. Humphrey helped name more than 100 kids. Her services start at $1,500, and include a phone call, a bespoke name list (based on parents’ answers to a survey), and a genealogical investigation. A $10K option includes choosing a name that will be “on brand” with a parent’s business. Some parents even hire her as their doula. However, while paying clients get a more “personalized treatment,” she has built a significant brand online, too: On TikTok, Humphrey responds to questions for users trying to find complementary sibling names. To find names, she goes through film credits, observes street signs, studies trends, and goes on the Social Security database, which usually reveals the “quick decline” of disaster names, and names taken over by brands (think Delta). (The New Yorker)