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Millennial women who are financial influencers are changing the investing game for young women. 

Apr 20 2022

Millennial women who are financial influencers are changing the investing game for young women. YPulse’s finance research shows 28% of Millennial males invest in the stock market as an additional source of income and 30% invest in cryptocurrencies, while 7% of Millennial females invest in the stock market and 11% invest in cryptocurrencies. Thanks to financial influencers (a.k.a. finfluencers), social media has become an educational source for young investors to learn tips and expand their knowledge, and a number of Millennial women in this space are not only inspiring young females, but helping them save thousands. Tori Dunlap founded Her First 100K to share essential finance advice with young women based on what she had learned from her parents growing up, building a following of three million in just a few years. More women including Berna Anat (Financial Hype Woman), Melissa Jean-Baptiste (the Beyoncé of Personal Finance and Millennial in Debt), Delyanne the Money Coach, and Haley Sacks (founder of Mrs. Dow Jones and Finance Is Cool) are also helping change the narrative around women and money via TikTok, podcasts, and workshops. Saving money and increasing their income are the top two finance goals Gen Z and Millennials are working toward this year. Personal finance skills ranks high on the list of skills these gens wish they learned in school, and Millennial finfluencers are changing the game by making personal finance advice more accessible. (NYT)