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Midnite Movie Club is betting on the future of NFTs in the film industry.

Apr 20 2022

Midnite Movie Club is betting on the future of NFTs in the film industry. Created by actor Matthew Lillard and writer-director Bill Whirity, Midnite Movie Club is a NFT-based project allowing holders to participate in the first-ever Decentralized Movie Studio. The club will focus specifically on the horror, sci-fi, action / adventure, and fantasy genres, with the first project centered on an upcoming vampire movie, Let them Die. Since Midnite Movie Club will be set up as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), members will be able to vote on which films get greenlit and the creative decisions of the filmmakers like deciding which actors will get first offers, picking costumes, props, and even choosing the movie poster design. Additionally, Midnite Movie Club members will hold exclusive access to special features like audition tapes, set photos and videos, concept art, and more. As the founders explain, “The MMC is a private community, like a country club or gym, and your NFT acts as your membership card. It’s your key to the kingdom, and it’s how you cast your vote and help the filmmakers develop their films.” YPulse’s Buying Into Crypto and NFTs trend research shows 40% of Millennials and 33% of Gen Z are interested in investing in NFTs, and 20% of young consumers who have invested in an NFT say they did so to join a community. (Deadline)