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“Civics for the Culture” wants to be “Gen Z’s ‘Schoolhouse Rock.’”

Apr 20 2022

Civics for the Culture wants to be “Gen Z’s Schoolhouse Rock.” Produced by Fair Fight Action, an organization founded in 2018 by Stacey Abrams to counter voter suppression, Civics for the Culture just kicked off its second season aimed at empowering—and educating—young voters. The series engages with young voters by explaining aspects of the voting process, breaking down legal jargon, and diving into conversations with individuals offering their own perspective on issues discussed. Chelsey Hall, the Director of Media and Brand Partnerships at Fair Fight Action, kicks off season two by discussing Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” bill and why it’s harmful for governing bodies to create legislation that “tells humans how we should identify.” YPulse’s causes, charity, and activism research shows 94% of young consumers are passionate about a social cause, while 50% say their generation can make the biggest difference in the world. Civics for the Culture is just one example of how brands / companies / platforms are empowering the next generation of voters in fun, educational ways. (Paper Mag)