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British Gen Z want to see more realistic images on social media.

Apr 20 2022

British Gen Z want to see more realistic images on social media. YPulse’s North America research has long shown that young consumers are craving a shift away from the polished, filtered social media accounts of old in favor of more raw and realistic posts—and the same is true in Western Europe, too. Social media experts in the U.K. say that 18-25-year-olds in the region want to see “simple, back to basics” aesthetics that offer “more authentic and more relatable role models.” YPulse’s WE Ad/Marketing Effectiveness research shows 75% of young Europeans are tired of seeing perfect / polished images in advertising, and 72% like when content from brands is not perfect—especially if it’s created by users just like them. Our WE New Content Creators trend research also found that the majority of young Europeans are creating content for an audience, giving brands a huge selection of imperfect, user-generated content to choose from—and an easy way to relate to young Europeans. (BBC)