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Mainstream brands are embracing in-store beauty refills. 

Apr 19 2022

Mainstream brands are embracing in-store beauty refills. In recent years, in-store beauty refills have, for the most part, only been possible via small, independent refill boutiques like Refillery, Common Good, Sustain LA, and The Well Refill. As more brands start adopting practices to become more sustainable, in-store beauty refills are going mainstream. In honor of Earth Month, The Body Shop recently announced it’s expanding its bulk refill program to 900 stores worldwide by the end of the year. Meanwhile, L’Occitane and Diptyque have also been hopping on the refill bandwagon by offering refill stations for their shower gels and fragrances. According to The Body Shop’s North America VP of Marketing and Corporate Responsibility, the brand’s in-store beauty refill stations are the most widely used among 20-29-year-olds, with Gen Z and Millennials adopting the practice at a much faster rate than any other generation. YPulse research shows creating more eco-friendly products is the No. 1 thing brands can do to help the environment according to young consumers, and offering a way for consumers to refill their bottles—whether it’s for beauty, cleaning, or household products—is only becoming more popular. (Glossy)