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Watch out Millennials, low-rise jeans are making a comeback.

Apr 18 2022

Watch out Millennials, low-rise jeans are making a comeback. In the past year, wide-leg denim sales have overtaken skinny jeans as Gen Z embraces the comfortable, loose-fitting jean look. And now, low-rise jeans are vying for attention (sorry, Millennials). Trendalytics reports low-rise jeans are a “high volume trend,” racking up an average of 44,000 weekly searches on Google—a 28% increase from 2021. Meanwhile, low-rise flare jeans are up 100% from last year, low-rise wide-leg jeans up 90%, and low-rise baggy jeans up 42%. Low-rise mini skirts are also on the rise, up 452% from 2021 while low-rise skirts and trousers are up 242% and 178%, respectively. Social media buzz for this denim style is going strong, too: #LowRiseJeans counts 137M views on TikTok. Buzz for the trend has gained so much momentum that some brands are pivoting their strategy. ABrand Jeans notes it is doubling down on the low-rise look, dedicating a menu section on its website solely focused on low-rise denim. YPulse’s fashion and style research shows jeans is the top clothing item Gen Z and Millennials are interested in buying right now, and low-rise jeans are a comeback trend to keep an eye on as Gen Z recreates the look. (Glossy)