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The best brand collabs are ones that contribute to culture.

Apr 18 2022

The best brand collabs are ones that contribute to culture. From E.l.f. Cosmetics creating a co-branded Chipotle makeup collection to KFC tapping Crocs for a fried chicken shoe, the list of brand mashups is endless. And while brands collaborating with other industries is nothing new, the ones that have been getting it right are ones that contribute to culture. Take the USPS Vans collection from last fall, for example. Not only do the two brands’ values of American grit and hard work create an appropriate mashup, the partnership positively contributes to the hard-working USPS staff by generating revenue for the Postal Service. For brands looking to reach young consumers by collaborating with other industries, it’s important to team up with a brand that shares your values, and giving Gen Z and Millennials creative—and new—ways to express themselves through food, fashion, and pop culture is key. YPulse’s Brandoms research shows 58% of young consumers are interested in brand collaborations, while 45% of 18-35-year-olds say they like it when their favorite brands take on other industries. (Adweek)