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Millennials’ kids say YouTube and Netflix are the “coolest brands.”

Apr 14 2022

Millennials’ kids say YouTube and Netflix are the “coolest brands.” According to a study conducted by consulting firm Beano Brain, YouTube and Netflix are the top two “coolest brands” among seven-14-year-olds, followed by McDonald’s, Amazon, and Disney. Among girls, Netflix came out on top, followed by YouTube, McDonald’s, Disney, and Amazon in that order. Meanwhile, boys say YouTube, Netflix, Nintendo, Minecraft, and McDonald’s are the “coolest brands”—signaling their strong interest in gaming content and video games in general. The “coolest brands” list was curated by asking seven-14-year-olds about the hottest conversation topics in their friend circles, and Beano Brain’s director of insight adds, “Brands that make them feel safe, welcomed, and valued stand out [among seven-14-year-olds].” YPulse’s Millennials and Brands Special Report explores the top brands among Millennials according to our exclusive Brand Tracker and found that Amazon, YouTube, and Netflix are also on the list of top brands among Millennial parents’, so clearly their preferences have rubbed off on their kids. (Tubefilter)