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Playbook is launching an investment service aimed at Gen Z and Millennials.

Apr 08 2022

Playbook is launching an investment service aimed at Gen Z and Millennials. We told you about young people’s top financial priorities right now, with “increase income,” “financial stability,” and “invest” rounding out their top 10 goals. To help them plan for their future, financial service Playbook is rolling out full investment accounts to help clients max out their tax advantages, set up an emergency fund, prepare for short-term goals, and more. The move stems from research that found many of Playbook’s potential clients didn’t have a brokerage account, the right tax advantage accounts, or the right type of IRA. Playbook’s investment service costs $19 per month, and users can set up an automated plan to ensure portions of their paycheck are being put toward their investment goals each month. Since launching in 2021, Playbook has built a strong user base of around 40,000 customers—typically in the 25-35-years-old age range—and it hopes the launch of investment accounts will boost its status with Gen Z and Millennials. (Fast Company)