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Hasbro wants to transform the way kids read with AR / VR-powered books.

Apr 07 2022

Hasbro wants to transform the way kids read with AR / VR-powered books. The toy company teamed up with Quantum Storey on a series of extended reality (XR) novels featuring Hasbro brands and characters. Quantum Storey’s proprietary XR technology will be embedded in books starring Hasbro characters, and readers will be presented with a visual activation code (a.k.a. “PortalPoint”) prompting them to access the story in the virtual realm via their phone or VR headset. Currently, a My Little Pony book and headset package is available to pre-order via Quantum Storey’s website, which will be released on April 25 to coincide with the premiere of the feature film. YPulse’s Future Tech Forecast trend research found that the majority of Millennial parents are comfortable with virtual reality, and as virtual world games grow in popularity among their kids, VR storytime could be a part of the future. (License GlobalKidscreen)