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Netflix is doubling down on anime content.

Apr 05 2022

Netflix is doubling down on anime content. YPulse’s upcoming media consumption survey found 31% of Gen Z and 17% of Millennials watch anime content weekly. In an effort to stand out among the plethora of streaming services available, Netflix recently announced it will debut 40 anime titles through the end of the year, including new projects, feature-length films, and new seasons of fan-favorite anime series. A second season of Ultraman (one of Japan’s most-popular IPs) will hit Netflix mid-April, while a second season of Guillermo Del Toro’s Pacific Rim franchise will also drop soon. Additionally, Tiger and Bunny and Ghost In the Shell are set to release this spring, and Thermet Romae NoveaBubble, and Drifting Home are three debut titles that will premiere on Netflix as part of its 2020 partnership with six top anime creators. Brands across industries have been tapping anime to appeal to young consumers, signaling just how popular the genre is becoming as mainstream companies go after it. (Forbes)