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Millennial moms on TikTok are sharing more honest content about motherhood compared to Instamoms.

Mar 31 2022

Millennial moms on TikTok are sharing more honest content about motherhood compared to Instamoms. For years, Instagram was seen as “the forge of mom-representation,” but it never “quite succeeded in representing what early motherhood was really like.” We told you about how Millennial moms have been flocking to TikTok to share honest tidbits about parenting. All over the app, young moms are depicting motherhood in ways that are more “honest and less depressing than Instamom life.” The difference in content lies in the platforms themselves: TikTok is more about sharing spontaneity, while Instagram is all about curation and “picture-perfection.” The app’s momfluencers share everything from dance challenges, mommy-daughter ‘fits, and aspects of their lives that don’t have to do with motherhood. For many of the moms, sharing these parts of their lives allows them to show that there’s more to their identity than just being a mother. For example, @maiaknight, who has over 8 million followers, shares videos of herself drinking cans of White Claw while cleaning, dropping her kids off at her mom’s place, and hanging out with her best friends. (Romper)