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The Clear Cut is introducing Gen Z to luxury jewelry one TikTok at a time.

Mar 28 2022

The Clear Cut is introducing Gen Z to luxury jewelry one TikTok at a time. The DTC, female-founded jewelry company started posting on TikTok before the pandemic, quickly realizing the app’s massive potential as it started racking up views and followers—now, The Clear Cut account boasts nearly 68K followers and has garnered 1.5M likes. Instead of crafting a hefty marketing budget to spend on TikTok, the brand has relied heavily on community building with influencers and everyday young consumers who aren’t familiar with the jewelry industry. Jewelry has become its expertise and niche on TikTok, posting everything young consumers want to know about it, like the differences between cuts, engagement ring trends, and whether it’s better to buy lab grown or natural diamonds. The brand also has a podcast, which has increased its visibility. In an episode with TikTok star Tinx before she was an influencer, she talked about how she wanted to buy herself the brand’s nearly $5K tennis necklace. When she reached the milestone(s), she did indeed buy herself the necklace, causing a 894% growth for The Clear Cut’s Tennis collection. As The Clear Cut’s co-founder notes, “Today’s Gen Z consumer may be intimidated to walk into Tiffany or Cartier because they think they might be judged. [TikTok] is the new way of introducing luxury to the younger generation.” (Glossy)