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TikTok is helping young people open up about their sexuality.

Mar 24 2022

TikTok is helping young people open up about their sexuality. We told you that the percentage of young people who identify as LGBTQ+ is growing, thanks largely to  Gen Z. More down time during the pandemic to reflect on themselves and the openness of celebrities / influencers to share their stories as LGBTQ+ individuals are certainly having a positive impact on young people’s journey with their sexual identity, and TikTok—specifically its highly-tuned algorithm—is also helping young women embrace their lesbian and queer identities. Women who share this experience explain how the platform was serving them videos of women pursuing relationships with women, or openly talking about their experiences, making them as viewers question their “compulsory heterosexuality.” As Alayna Fender explains, “Every time I went on TikTok, I was faced with these feelings. I was faced with these other people who were living a life that I wished I could be living.” It felt as if TikTok was reading their minds, the women explain, giving them a safe space to reflect on their own wants and experiences despite having only dated men in the past. (Insider)