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Papa John’s is the latest brand to bet on the metaverse.

Mar 16 2022

Papa John’s is the latest brand to bet on the metaverse. As part of the pizza chain’s international push, Papa John’s is launching a series of NFTs, which will take the form of nine virtual bags inspired by the heat-retaining bag its pizzas are delivered in IRL. The virtual goods, which are redeemable via a QR code on the brand’s pizza box leaflet, were designed by Spain-based artist Tom Hoff and British illustrator and designer Ash Sketch, and minted on ​​energy-efficient blockchain Tezos. Our (new!) Metaverse trend research (WE version coming soon) shows that Gen Z and Millennials have embraced virtual worlds as places to hang out and shop, and confirms what YPulse has been saying for a while now—these virtual worlds are the future of marketing and there’s an opportunity for brands to get in on the action. Our research shows that 19% of young Europeans have purchased NFTs or cryptocurrency and 34% are interested. What’s more, 27% have purchased a branded digital item, highlighting that Papa John’s meta moves—and the many brands that have come before—are likely to find a receptive young audience. (Adweek)