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Is the U.K.’s Gen Z killing British cuisine?

Mar 16 2022

Is the U.K.’s Gen Z killing British cuisine? According to one study, yes. But on the bright side, they’re increasing the popularity of sushi. Sushi Daily surveyed 1,500 18-29-year-olds and found that 67% say they love sushi or sashimi, but 65% have never heard of the classic British dish jellied eels. Young Britons also turned their noses up at other quintessential British foods such as Welsh rarebit, haggis, and bubble and squeak, leading the survey to conclude that these dishes have been “consigned to culinary history.” While Gen Z and Millennials have long been accused (often wrongly) of killing various cultural customs, the growing popularity of global trends has led to the decline of some regional specialties and an increased interest in the staples of other cultures, from music to movies to food. (Eater)