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ABC’s “Abbott Elementary” is partnering with Scholastic to bring free book fairs to underfunded schools. 

Mar 15 2022

ABC’s Abbott Elementary is partnering with Scholastic to bring free book fairs to underfunded schools. YPulse’s Causes/Charity and Activism behavioral report found that one fourth of 13-39-year-old BIPOC young consumers say education is a cause they want brands to get involved in. And the network’s hit comedy series about a group of teachers supporting their students at an under-resourced and underperforming Philly school, will be the first entertainment brand to provide free book fairs at underfunded schools in the U.S. The book fairs will be held at seven Title 1 schools beginning this week, and each student will receive two free books, while each teacher will receive 10. ABC will also be relaunching its Traveling Teacher’s Lounge initiative, which debuted in January and provided teachers with books from Scholastic, classroom supplies, breakfast, and exclusive merch from the show. According to Scholastic’s senior VP of creative development: “Our mission at Scholastic has always been to support teachers and provide them with the resources and materials needed to build warm, positive classroom experiences for their students. That’s why we are so thrilled to team up with ABC and Abbott Elementary—a show dedicated to uplifting educators and reflecting their experiences—to put books into the classrooms that need them most and get kids excited about reading and learning.” (Variety)