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ABC’s “Abbott Elementary” accurately portrays Black teachers and the impact they make in Black students’ lives.

Mar 01 2022

ABC’s Abbott Elementary accurately portrays Black teachers and the impact they make in Black students’ lives. Abbott Elementary is currently breaking records as one of the cable network’s most-watched comedy TV series. Created and starring former BuzzFeed Video correspondent Quinta Brunson, the mockumentary-style sitcom follows a group of passionate teachers at an under-resourced and underperforming public school in Philly who navigate challenges in the public school system, while helping their students succeed. But according to Black teachers and viewers, the show holds a much deeper meaning for them. Not only does the show touch on the “mundane and systematic issues plaguing American public schools,” it provides examples of how Black educators “leverage culturally relevant practices and pedagogy daily to impact the lives of their students—both socially and academically.” According to a North Carolina study from 2016, Black elementary students, particularly boys, are significantly less likely to be suspended from a school when they have a Black teacher. And the characters of Janine Teagues (portrayed by Brunson), Barbara Howard (portrayed by Sheryl Lee Ralph), and Gregory Eddie (portrayed by Tyler James Williams) all represent the “unique role Black teachers play every day to improve student learning.” YPulse’s Representation in Action trend research found that the majority of 13-39-year-old Black consumers say they wish they saw more people of their race in TV shows / movies, and Abbott Elementary is clearly resonating with Black instructors and students around the country. (Education WeekHuffPost)