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Webtoon-inspired Korean dramas are taking over streaming services. 

Feb 22 2022

Webtoon-inspired Korean dramas are taking over streaming services. For years, YPulse has tracked young people’s interest in content from other countries—and it’s still going strong. Netflix’s Squid Game was a favorite for young viewers in North America and Western Europe. Now, Korean dramas based on Webtoon comics are becoming popular. Netflix Korean drama All of Us Are Dead is based on the 2009 webtoon “Now at Our School” as it follows a group of high schoolers who have to survive a zombie apocalypse, and it’s currently one of the most-watched series on the platform. For those who aren’t familiar with webtoons, they are a “genre of digital comic that originated in South Korea in the early aughts and is consumed via infinite scroll.” Netflix’s Korean drama Hellbound, which premiered in November, Apple TV+’s Dr. Brain, and Disney+’s upcoming Moving are all webtoon-inspired—and according to one Korean film expert and professor, “adapting a popular webtoon for a TV show is a relatively easy way to guarantee success.” (NBC News)