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Blacktag is a creative-discovery platform that wants to economically empower “alternative” and “niche” Black creators. 

Feb 22 2022

Blacktag is a creative-discovery platform that wants to economically empower “alternative” and “niche” Black creators. YPulse’s Clicking on Community trend research found that 32% of 13-39-year-old Black consumers find community on a social media platform—and a new one is attempting to reach that demographic. Blacktag was launched by Black Millennials Ousman Sahko Sow and Akin Adebowale, who hope to make it a new hub for the Black community to turn their creativity into economic success, spotlight Black creatives, and offer a safe space for Black users to divulge their interests. In November, the two raised $3.75 million in funding for Blacktag, which offers on-demand content, live entertainment, feature films, short videos on topics from astrology to video games, and profiles of musicians, painters, and filmmakers. So far, the platform has launched five original series and licensed 10 short films and webisodes. It also has messaging features, a share button linked to other social platforms, and an ecommerce platform with licensed products. According to Sow, they want to focus on “specifically alternative creators and niche Black audiences that [are] currently massively underserved.” Right now, they have 100 creators, including fashion model Aaron Rose Phillips and creative consultant Tremaine Emory, with plans to double that number by the end of 2022. Adebowale added: “Blacktag is here to connect the world and elevate Black voices within our community and invest in innovation to build something for future generations.” (Business Insider)