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Fast-casual restaurant group Dig is testing the four-day workweek.

Feb 15 2022

Fast-casual restaurant group Dig is testing the four-day workweek. The restaurant group began testing new job benefits for hourly workers last fall, including the ability for hourly workers to work four days per week while still remaining full-time status, along with benefits like additional kitchen training for employees interested in culinary careers and a permanent $2-per-hour bonus for all hourly workers. At the six pilot restaurants where Dig is testing the model, 90% of team members have selected the four-day workweek option, and of the 45 piloting employees surveyed, 87% recommended the shortened workweek to a friend. While the four-day workweek model has started taking effect in Europe and at a handful of North America-based companies, Dig is one of the first retail / hospitality workplaces to offer this benefit to non-corporate workers. YPulse’s What’s Next for Work trend research shows retail and restaurant / food services are the top two industries young people have been quitting their jobs from, citing mental burnout as one of their primary reasons for leaving. (Modern RetailCNBC)