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Working Millennial moms have no time to take care of themselves.

Feb 10 2022

Working Millennial moms have no time to take care of themselves. YPulse told you that young females are burnt out, and according to research from Kuli Kuli, Sylvatex, Uncommon Cacao, and four universities (UC San Francisco, UC Berkeley, UCLA, Northeastern), working mothers in the U.S. have indeed been struggling in the last several months. The study found that sleep deprivation is common among moms, with fewer than one-quarter of respondents saying they get the recommended average night’s sleep of seven to eight hours. (We know, this is literally the least surprising stat to any moms reading the newsletter). Over half say they get fewer than six hours, while one in six say they don’t even get five hours of sleep. It has been even more difficult for working moms to find time for themselves during the pandemic, with one in four saying they no longer have time to engage in “common self-care practices” like walking or exercising, eating healthy, meditation, and maintaining social relationships. (Fast Company)