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Brands’ Black History Month initiatives need to go beyond February.

Feb 09 2022

Brands’ Black History Month initiatives need to go beyond February. As brands introduce their BHM efforts with brand campaigns spotlighting Black talent and social posts aimed at uplifting the Black community, it’s important for companies to view February as a continuation “of the journey to amplify, celebrate, honor, connect, and advocate for the Black community”—not a box that must be checked in hopes of appearing inclusive. Ensuring Black voices are uplifted in the workplace is paramount, along with making sure their stories are valued and heard across all levels of the business—whether it’s storytelling, product development, etc. Understanding the needs of the community you’re serving is vital in ensuring inclusivity in products and services, too. The fact is, young people believe racism in the U.S. is getting worse, and it’s the No. 1 issue they are passionate about in 2022, according to our causes, charity, and activism research. Nearly half of young consumers say most brands only talk about diversity during BHM, signaling that companies still have a lot of work to do year-round. (Adweek)