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Snapchat is hosting a virtual Bitmoji concert with Jennifer Lopez.

Feb 03 2022

Snapchat is hosting a virtual Bitmoji concert with Jennifer Lopez. Fortnite isn’t the only platform hosting virtual concerts these days. Now, Snapchat is getting in the game with a Bitmoji concert that will be held tonight, February 3, featuring Jennifer Lopez to promote her Valentine’s Day film, Marry Me. Snapchatters can access the concert via a separate landing page using their app login to reserve a spot for their Bitmoji avatar to participate. From there, attendees can interact in the virtual event as their Bitmoji by dancing, blowing bubbles, and even releasing virtual doves in the arena as they jam out to performances covering Marry Me’s soundtrack. Virtual concerts are just one way artists have been reaching their fans in this new era of live entertainment, and the Snapchat x Jennifer Lopez event signals yet another way movie marketing has been leveling up to engage with young people. (Social Media TodayEngadget)