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Millennial parents are embracing “gentle parenting.”

Feb 03 2022

Millennial parents are embracing “gentle parenting.” While some parents still believe in corporal punishment, a study found that the number of moms and dads spanking their kids as a form of disclipine has declined by 15% since 1993. As more tools and resources become available for parents handling behavioral shifts and moods in their kids, they’re depending on “better communication” instead of spanking. It’s becoming known as “gentle parenting,” which one expert describes as “a balanced and mindful approach to parenting where parents are reflective and treat their children and themselves with empathy, understanding, and respect.” The concept gives parents the ability to set boundaries and limits, but allows their kids to have control that is appropriate for their age and maturity level as well as the space to express themselves without the fear of being punished. While gentle parenting is beneficial for children, it also helps parents be reflective and self-aware. According to another expert, parents who are getting into gentle parenting should ask themselves why they reacted in certain ways in past situations, whether their child’s behavior triggered them, and how they can rectify the situation. (Essence)