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McDonald’s is adding fan-created menu hacks to its menu for the first time.

Jan 28 2022

McDonald’s is adding fan-created menu hacks to its menu for the first time. Thanks to social media, viral menu hacks and “secret” menus have opened fast food consumers up to a whole new range of ordering options. Take Starbucks’ “secret” menu with tricked out coffee options like a Skittles Frappuccino, or Dunkin’s Charli D’Amelio iced coffee order—long story short, these hacks have helped fast food chains rack up orders (and have also led to some overwhelmed baristas). Now, McDonald’s is getting in on the hype, adding four, fan-created menu hacks to its list of offerings on January 31. The hacks include a Hash Brown McMuffin (a sausage McMuffin with a hash brown for “an extra crunch”), a Crunchy Double (a double cheeseburger with 6-piece chicken nuggets on the side for consumers to add them to the burger), Land, Air, and Sea (a chicken sandwich, a Big Mac, and a Filet-o-Fish all on one bun), and Surf and Turf (a double cheeseburger combined with a Filet-O-Fish). High-profile promotions (like McDonald’s celebrity meals) have given a major boost to sales at the fast food chain in the last year, so it’s safe to say the fan-made menu will be another hit. (CNN)