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“Scream”’s marketing is a lesson on how brands and studios can reach young movie-goers in the new era of movie-watching.

Jan 26 2022

Scream’s marketing is a lesson on how brands and studios can reach young movie-goers in the new era of movie-watching. YPulse told you how movie marketing has been getting more immersive to attract young consumers to theaters. In the lead up to its slashing theater debut this month, Scream deployed multiple tactics to get young fans excited for the fifth installment in the iconic horror movie series. Scream teamed up with Spotify for a “Streamed to Death” partnership featuring a branded visual experience (think Spotify Wrapped, but with Ghostface revealing the viewer’s top-played songs and a customized playlist); the film held a predictions tournament on Reddit where over 1,000 fans participated in a guessing game to unmask the killer on the official Scream subreddit; Ghostface was the first branded voice featured on TikTok’s voice-to-text feature; and fans could participate in a MovieMate watch-along experience on Facebook Messenger. Twitter certainly wasn’t left out either: Users could activate a branded “like” animation that would conceal or reveal the killer’s haunting mask based on if the user was using the app in light or dark mode. According to a Paramount Pictures exec, “taking risks, being bold in your ambition and in doing things that have never been done before, and being open to non-traditional [marketing]” is key for engaging with movie fans today. (AdAge)