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Online Asian grocery stores are exploding in popularity.

Jan 25 2022

Online Asian grocery stores are exploding in popularity. For years, Asian immigrants and families in the U.S. have driven hours to Asian supermarkets like 99 Ranch or H Mart to get the kind of food they want since “ethnic” aisles in traditional American supermarket chains leave “plenty to be desired.” The “large-scale demand” for home delivery fueled by the pandemic and the growing popularity of Asian foods in the U.S. combined with mainstream grocery chains not responding to “a diversifying American population” has inspired Asian entrepreneurs to launch their own online grocery stores to help their communities. Weee! is an online grocery shop that offers more than 4,000 Asian and Hispanic products ranging from Taiwan cabbage and Korean-style pork belly to taro-flavored boba lattes and Lay’s cucumber-flavored potato chips. Other Asian online grocery shops include Sarap Now, which offers Filipino snacks; Kim’C Market specializes in Korean food; South Asian and Indian marketplace Quicklly provides access to more than 10,000-plus grocery ingredients, tiffins, meal kits, and fully prepared Indian meals for delivery; and Umamicart offers products from Asian American-owned brands. According to eMarketer, online grocery sales grew 54% in 2020, reaching $95.82 billion, and experts predict that “ethnic” groceries are not just a “mere trend, but the new normal.” YPulse’s food shopping and trends research found that nearly a quarter of 13-39-year-old Asian consumers say they shop for groceries online and prefer it to in-store grocery shopping. (NBC News)