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DirecTV launched a Latinx TikTok creator house.

Jan 25 2022

DirecTV launched a Latinx TikTok creator house. We told you about the content creator collectives that Gen Z are following, and brands are also jumping in to create their own. Last fall, the satellite TV company worked with influencer marketing agency Whalar to create Familia Fuego, a Latinx content house made up of five creators including Leo González, Alexia del Valle, Monica Villa, Isabella Ferregur, and Jesus Zapien. The brand says they started the house to not only tap into a new group of diverse consumers, but to uplift creators that could potentially star in their shows. According to Whalar, the main goal is to “build brand love” for DirecTV among the next generation of on-screen talent. So far, Familia Fuego has 126K followers on TikTok and rely on “organic attention” instead of paid promotions. They created their own Jersey Shore spoof called “Fuego Shore” and collaborated with celebrities like George Lopez, Eugenio Derbez, and recently caught the attention of Eva Longoria, who asked them to help promote her new tequila brand, Casa Del Sol. But while the house has been creating funny spoofs and working with celebs, they try to balance it with content that both the Latinx and larger TikTok community can genuinely enjoy. This isn’t the first time DirecTV worked with diverse influencers: early last year, the brand sponsored Crib Around The Corner, the first-ever all-Black creator house in LA. (Adweek)