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Many Millennial parents are “stuck in a grueling limbo” created by COVID-19.

Jan 20 2022

Many Millennial parents are “stuck in a grueling limbo” created by COVID-19. YPulse’s The In-Between trend research found that 56% of Millennial parents say they are currently feeling mentally exhausted compared to 45% of non-parents. In the midst of surging Omicron COVID-19 cases, families with children under the age of five-years-old are struggling in an “excruciating limbo” as they deal with daycare closures and childcare crises, while trying to keep their kids safe. However, most parents feel like the rest of the world is already moving on and leaving them behind. Vaccine clinical trials have not produced promising results so far, COVID-19 tests are increasingly hard to come by, and some parents—particularly mothers—are having to either adjust their work schedules so they can take care of their kids at home or leave their jobs altogether. The balancing act is taking a toll on parents’ mental health, with women especially feeling the stress of the pandemic. (NYT)